Shopify SEO

We are an SEO services agency who create effective organic search strategies.

If you own an e-commerce website, then all the matter is to appear your products on search results. Thus, Shopify SEO can make that happen, which will optimize your website to rank higher on search engine results pages.

SEO is really important for Shopify because there are a number of well-documented issues, which can throw users for a loop when getting sites properly indexed and ranked.

Shopify offers a set of SEO tools that includes all of the basics that an online store could need. Shopify can help your online store to create intuitive shopping platforms.

Mepia agency has the ability to optimize your Shopify SEO to rank higher and get more traffic, which will bring more sales. In this article, we will discuss all the essential aspects of Shopify SEO, SO KEEP IN MIND;

How To Optimize Your Shopify Store?

Shopify comes with several SEO tools and features. Shopify SEO not only depends on keywords, but also it needs lots of steps to achieve your online store goals.

Here, we will be with your step-by-step to get you to know how to optimize your Shopify store. Our team of experts can manage all the tools related to Shopify SEO as follows;

  • Optimize Shopify Sore Structure

Store structure is the first phase you have to follow when it comes to optimizing your Shopify store. In which, you will organize your page so as to users can find your products and get what they want easily.

Therefore, users will turn into ideal shoppers, considering they can view more pages and spend more time in your store because it’s organized, which can help your search engine rankings.

Our experts of SEO specialists will make that easy for you; they will make your store structure as simple as possible, which will make ti easier for search engines to crawl your site and rank your products higher.

  • Develop the User Experience

After you finish from site structure, now it’s time to develop user experience on your Shopify store, which will also help your site to rank higher on search engine results.

In order to improve your user experiences, you have to improve your site speed, which is accessibility to easy navigation of your site, and everything moves quickly without waiting more seconds until the site loading. Then, users might spend more time browsing your store and products.

Mepia agency will help you to make your Shopify store faster, which will use a mobile-friendly and fast theme, the smaller size of images, remove any apps you’re not using, and use a responsive design. Responsive design means that your Shopify store matches any device like smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

Google considers the time on page as a marker of a site’s value. When you have a website easy to navigate, then Google will improve its rankings on search engine results.

If your website ranks higher on Google search engine results, you will keep visitors on your site longer as well as experience more audiences who might turn into ideal buyers.

  • Target Keywords Research

Keywords are considered an essential phase in SEO in general, which is the foundation of SEO success. Our SEO experts will help you find the target keywords and phrases that your audiences use to search for your products or services.

Then, we will make a list of main topics that your customers care about and related to your products or services. Also, we will search for your buyer personas, social media hashtags related to your products, as well as look at the titles, meta descriptions, and image alt-text used on competitors’ sites.

  • Optimize Shopify Products Pages

Here, you’re done with site structure and keywords research because you will benefit from them in this phase. You will optimize your Shopify store’s pages, using keywords and site structure. You have to focus on the best-selling items and your homepage to optimize them first. In which, they might make the best conversions and more profit.

Optimizing the title, title tags, and meta description are integrated parts of the Shopify store’s products. So, we will help you to use the target keywords in a consistent way to write titles and descriptions for your products and categories. Also, our content creator will write creative content to describe your products, in which the original content will support your ranking on search engine results.

  • Build Links To Store

In this stage, you have to build internal links and backlinks to determine how the wider community values your site, which will improve your online trustworthiness and credibility. Links are considered one of the top SEO ranking factors, which will rank your Shopify store higher on search engine results.

Google bots discover content by following links. The more high-quality links you can get, the higher your content should rank. Mepia agency will help you to build effective links for SEO, getting links from other sites back to your site.

  • Use Content Marketing

Content is an integral part of SEO, which is the reason why you get found on Google search engine results. Most e-commerce website owners do not care about Content or may consider product descriptions enough content.

On the other hand, content helps your products and store to be known to many people. If you give attention to creating original content, you will experience more success. Your content is a chance to let customers get to know your products or services.

Thus, if you have a new store on Shopify and want to get more traffic, you have to think about hiring a marketing agency to manage your Shopify SEO. It will help you lift your online business from the ground up, increase your search engine rankings, and protect your online store simultaneously.

Mepia agency offers full-service related to Shopify SEO, including but not limited to Shopify branding services, page speed, site structure, and so many more services.

Trust the SEO experts of Mepia agency, which is a professional Shopify Marketing Agency. And, give them the chance to improve your Shopify store’s ranking on search engine result pages.