Google Ads

We are an Ads services agency who create effective ads strategies.

Google Ad is an effective way for your business to get one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms. You will experience more visitors who turn into loyal customers, which will increase your sales and revenue.

Google Ads bring fast and trackable results, which is perfect for small to medium businesses. Here at Mepia agency, we will manage your Google ads to bring an exceptional result to exceed your expectations.

Why Google Ads Is Important For Your Business?

Online advertising is an essential part for any business to increase the chances of getting more customers and ideal buyers. Thus, any business that sells services or products should use Google ads because it allows you to reach users who actively looking for your brand.

Google Ad enables targeted advertisements to be shown at the top of Google search engine results in addition to other Google properties. Google ads can target the customers according to their current and previous online activities on Google.

There is an ad auction that defines in what order the ads will appear. Your bids and quality scores will affect the Google auction, which Google looks at to determine Ad Rank. The ad auction occurs every time a user searches in Google. 

Sure, you’ve noticed an advertisement popping up soon after you’ve watched a similar product. This expresses the way Google ads appear to the users as they browse the internet.

Google display network allows advertisers to use audience or content targeting to reach users while they browse specific websites, use a mobile app, or watch YouTube videos.

Therefore, our experts have the knowledge of all the factors related to Google Ads, so we can manage every-step related to your business.

Google Search

There are hundreds of billions of users on Google and is not easy to target your specific potential audiences. However, Google ranking systems allow the search engine to sort the matching people to the way they need, relying on keywords or phrases.

Google ads can drive relevant traffic to your website at the exact moment that people search for your product. The network is able to connect advertisers and users who are actively looking for products or services.

Google Display

Google consists of millions of websites across the globe, which allow marketers to display their ads to more audiences to attract more ideal customers locally or worldwide.

Our experts of Google ads will create a remarketing strategy for positive results, which will bring back the customers who’ve previously engaged with your store and products. So, they might consider your products after we remarket the ad.

Landing Pages

The landing page is considered an effective way to advertise as it works hard to convince target audiences to buy from your site. So, it drives the right customers to your store and products.

How Mepia Will Help Your Business Through Google Ads?

Mepia is a full-service Google Advertising Agency; we have the ability to build fast and creative Google ads that are an extension of your website.

Before you start creating Google ad campaigns, you have to choose the keywords and phrases related to your business that your target audience might use when they search for your products, then choose from many types of Google ad campaigns.

Mepia agency will help you step-by-step to choose from them according to your business needs and goals. Here’s the list of Google ad campaigns;

Search Network

A search network is a perfect and straightforward option to start advertising for the first time. Your ads will appear on Google search engine results pages “SERP” as well as search partner sites and Google display network sites.

Our team of Google Ads experts will manage an effective search network campaign for your business, by opting into the Google Search Partner Network. Thus; your ad will not only appear in Google search engine that is related to the user’s search but also will appear in any Google sites related, including Google map, Google video, or other Google properties. 

Display Network

This type of Google Ads will appear on the Google display network, which will include photos, videos, or both in addition to description text and titles. It offers a good opportunity to engage with top-of-the-funnel traffic. You have to use one of the following methods to reach this traffic;

  • You can use display keywords in order to be used by Google to display your ads on relevant content
  • You can create management placements to show the sites, where Google has automatically displayed your ads on.
  • You can choose the topics of the website theme that you want to target.

Shopping Campaigns

Your advertisements will show up on the Google search results page but in the shopping list, using the Google Merchant Center account. Your ads should include data information about your products like image, title, description, and price.

Video Campaigns

YouTube is a related platform to Google and acts as a search engine for videos. So, you can reach your audiences through YouTube while they are watching.

YouTube contains more than 2 billion users, in which your ad video can reach a huge number of users before, during, or after YouTube videos they already watching, which is considered the most effective advertising method to get your products in front of ideal customers.

Also, you can target specific audiences by using demographic targeting based on age, gender, or interests.

Now, the video ad is most popular in marketing advertising, which attracts too many people. The ad must include a bumper, masthead, out-stream, and video discovery, which must be hosted on YouTube.

Universal App

This type of campaign includes app installs across Google’s network. So, if you have an app that supports your business, then the app campaigns will be the best for you. In which, you can promote your app across Google’s largest properties, like Google Play, YouTube, Google display network.

Discovery Campaigns

Discovery campaign is considered one of the best ad methods that follow ad assets including images, logos, headlines, call-to-action button, and description. Your ad will show up on YouTube home feed, watch the next video, Gmail promotions tab, and discover feed on Google.