Google Shopping Ads

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Google shopping ads are one of the advertising methods, which is also known as Google product listing ads. It is considered the most effective way to drive more sales and high revenue.

Google shopping list is an easy way for customers to search for the products they want as well as for business owners to list their products with new tools and ad formats to reach their audience across all of Google’s properties.

Here at Mepia agency, we manage Google shopping ads to achieve your target sales and business goals. Learn more about our Google shopping ads campaigns and techniques.

How Does Google Shopping Ads Work?

Google shopping ads utilize your product title and description as well as any data related including price, your store name, and location, then choose the right place to list your products. You can use between two types of shopping ads to showcase your products as follows;

  1. Product Shopping Ad: It will be created according to your product description, titles, and data you set
  2. Local Inventory Ad: It will be created by combing your products data and inventory data.

These two types of ads give another way of controlling ad spending while also focusing on custom goals. You will get faster results for your eCommerce platform. That is why marketing with Google is so popular. 

Google shopping ads work by using the CPC model, which means cost-per-click. It means that you will pay when users click on your products. Most businesses that will benefit from Google Shopping ads are eCommerce businesses.

Why Google Shopping Ads Is Perfect For Your Store?

Google Shopping Ads can be an effective marketing channel if you have an online store. In which, you can reach shoppers around the world with clickable images at the top of search engines above the organic results.

Google shopping listing is a process that dynamically integrates your products catalog with Google’s shopping platform. To get started with your Google shopping Ads, you’ll need too many factors to start listing your store and products.

Rest assured, Mepia will help you to make the best out of Google shopping ad campaigns. Here’s the following list to know why you’re in need of Google shopping Ads;

Reach Qualified Customers

Google shopping ads make your products feature at the top of search engine result pages. Thus, it might attract the attention of more people who are interested in your products or services. Mepia will help you to feature your product information in your ads, which will make your target audience do purchase.

Increase Sales

Google shopping ads can drive more sales from prospective buyers with visual ads. Therefore, if they like your products, they might return to ideal customers.

Our Google shopping ad experts will manage your shopping list by targeting the titles of the products, which your ideal customers might search for instead of the keywords.

Online Presence

Lots of products Ads can appear to the users, using Google shopping ads. It means that you will reach your target audience with many ways of advertising.

Get High Revenue

If your store has a large catalog of products, then Google shopping ads will give you the chance to showcase your products. Thus, Google listing Ads can increase your sales, which will turn to high revenue and high return on investment.

Reporting And Supporting

Google shopping ads will show you the performance of the products in detail, including knowing the number of clicks, impression share data, and the bid simulator. Accordingly, you can edit or improve your old listing to meet your goals and reach your target customers.

Enhance Your Google Shopping Ads With Mepia

Increase your brand visibility with unique impressions through Mepia Agency, we have the ability to list your products in search results with photos, descriptions, and data information about the prices, etc…

More people can reach your products and store easily, considering the ability to have more than one PLA ad appear for a target user search. Our experts of Google shopping ads will manage a paid-ads system that’s built specifically for retailers.

On the other hand, you will get power reporting and competitive data from our team of experts that let you avoid a low quality audience and measure your return on investment.

Here’s the rundown of Google shopping Ads steps with Mepia agency;

  1. The first thing we will do is to set your Merchant Center Account to start the shopping ad campaigns. We will upload your catalog of products on your Merchant Center Account to integrate with your Google Ads account.
  2. Next step we will create and maintain your shopping product feed through Google Merchant Center. In which, we will create a list of your products catalog in a format that looks like an Excel sheet. This list will communicate to Google the products that can be served in your shopping ad campaigns.
  3. Then, we will ensure that your products are full of essential data, including target keywords and create content that contains good descriptions, titles, brand names, attributes, and HTML Issues.
  4. It’s time to launch your Shopping campaign in Google ads. We will create your shopping ad once we’ve done it from the Merchant Center account and product feeds. Accordingly, we will set your goals, budget, targeting, bidding, and then launch your first Google shopping ad.

Here at Mepia, we will take advantage of each place that we market in. We will take advantage of categories and match your products based on the taxonomy.

If your business provides promotions, then we will take advantage of Merchant Promotions like Free Shipping, Buy One & Get One, Buy One & Get One 50% Off, or brand specific rebates.

Also, if your store depends on the photo, we will ensure the high-quality photos used in the ads as well as an additional information photo. For instance, if you sell clothes or accessories, then you have to upload top-quality photos to attract your target audience’s attention.

If you have an eCommerce platform or an online store, then contact Mepia to be your guide for the best Google Shopping Ads services.