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We are an Ads services agency who create effective Ads strategies.

Ecommerce PPC services are considered the core aspect that will help your website to drive traffic and sales and to get your products discovered and purchased. With our eCommerce PPC services, you will earn this ability to get high revenue.

Therefore, get to know Mepia agency pay-per-click services package, which will grow your company, meet your target, and achieve your income needs.

What Is PPC For E-Commerce?

PPC for ecommerce stands for the pay-per-click advertising. It’s one of the online advertising strategy models for small and big business that promotes the products of an online store through PPC ads.

PPC ads are considered every ad you see on Google search, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as websites. If you have an ecommerce business, you need to pursue PPC advertising to get a healthy return on investment.

Pay-per-click advertising is an online advertising method in which you only pay when people click on your ad on Google or Facebook without counting the time of your ad display or the users who see it.

PPC for ecommerce generates more sales because it targets the ideal audiences and a ready-to-buy shopper to your online store. It’s perfect because you have unlimited room for optimization and scaling.

How Do E-Commerce PPC Works?

PPC for e-commerce is an easy but tricky solution in the marketing field. Learn more about how the e-commerce process should be done as follows;

Keyword Research

The keywords are an integral part of any online process for your ecommerce store. Here, you will search for the most keyword used by users to search for your products on Google search or any social media platforms.

For instance, if your e commerce store sells groceries, then you can include “the best and fresh grocery for today” your ad will appear when your ready-to-buy shoppers search on this keyword. Thus; you have to be very accurate when you choose the target keyword.

Ad Optimize And Creation

After the selection of target keywords, then the phase of creating your ad begins. The ecommerce ads tend to be straightforward with a small content of headline and a few lines more after, and you can include an image.

To create an attractive engaging ad copy is very hard, but with our content creator, it’s a breeze. Our content specialist will help you to write an amazing ad that attracts people around.

Our PPC. e-commerce service includes optimizing the target keywords ad groups in order to target high traffic and reach many people interested in your products and ready to buy from your store.

Bid Selection

Here you come to the last step of ecommerce PPC process. You have to decide how much you want to bid to have your ad display. In several phases, the bid decision depends on your selection of keywords. If your target keyword is used by many competitors, then your Bid will be higher than expected.

Here at Mepia agency, our team of marketing experts will help you step by step from keyword selection to bid decision, creating an ad that is as beautiful as it’s effective and catchy.

On-Going Optimization

After you launch the PPC ad, you have to keep checking and optimizing the ad. Here at Mepia agency, our top-end e-commerce PPC services include ongoing maintenance and optimizing as well as handling all the unexpected changes that might happen.

How To Choose The Best Agency For E-Commerce PPC Services?

When it comes to e-commerce PPC services, you have to be accurate to choose the best marketing agency. The best marketing agency should include the following package list to manage your e-commerce PPC services.

Google Shopping Ads

The best marketing agency should find a way to provide the best place for your products in google shopping ads. When your ideal customers search for your products, your store should appear in the search engine results with Google shopping ads.

Mepia marketing team will manage and improve your listing on Google shopping ads in which they will manage a creative e-commerce PPC campaign to drive more orders.

Google Ads

Improving brand awareness is considered one of the most effective ecommerce PPC services. Your online store should appear on search engine results pages when people search your product through target keywords.

Google ads appear before organic search listings in which drives more clicks and results. These ads might include information and advantages about your store or products that put you in favor of your competitors.

Bing Ads

Bing ads stand for Microsoft advertising with ecommerce PPC services. Through Bing ads, you can create a competitive and targeted campaign that will make you earn sales, build brand awareness, and bring the ideal audiences.

Here at Mepia agency, you will get everything that you’ve wanted in ecommerce PPC services. We provide a full PPC management package that will enrich your online store and drive more sales.

Our PPC ecommerce services package include the following steps;

  1. Research: The first thing before we start the PPC campaign is to study your business industry and competitors, knowing your target audience and goals.
  2. Plan: next step is to plan your ecommerce PPC strategy, which includes searching the keywords, outlining the group of ads, and creating the ad copy.
  3. Optimize: at this phase, we launch your ecommerce PPC campaign and checkup after the performance. This optimization can improve the click rate and return on ads.
  4. Develop: our services are not finished yet. We can use your past campaign to boost your ad performance and get more traffics on the website and social media platforms.

Save your time and generate immediate sales with our professional e-commerce PPC services that can help you to maximize and maintain your ideal leads, ready-to-buy shoppers, and drive high revenue.

If you want to get more qualified traffic by using cost effective advertising as well as generate an easy real result, then contact Mepia agency to take care of your ecommerce PPC campaigns.

Let’s start your e-commerce PPC services, today!