Bing Ads

Bing ad is considered one of the best advertising ways offered by Microsoft in search engines with pay-per-click payment in order to reach and target global markets with specific ads.

Searching for keywords is the base to start your Bing Ads strategy, as well you can target specific locations and gender to reach your target audience.

Here at Mepia agency, we will get all that cover, providing high-end solutions and strategies for your Bing Ads. Thus; get ready and find our experts’ keys and techniques.

How Does Microsoft Bing Ad Work?

Bing ad is not the biggest search engine but it provides cost-effective and unique opportunities. The UK is one of the most countries that use Bing Ads with 23% in general. Mepia agency is very qualified with tools and technology to launch your Bing ads strategy that is out of competition.

People who are searching in Bing search engines are older, have more money, and are likely to act faster with your ads. So, Bing is considered a more profitable route for start-ups and middle scale companies.

Considering more businesses use Bing to search through work. Thus, if you’re a B2B company, then Bing ad is the best for your business. Bing is an integral part of any business advertising or any digital marketing strategy.

Bing ads target keywords that users used to search on Bing engines to find specific products or services. Microsoft Ads allow you to focus on the keywords related to your brand and business, using the Microsoft keyword research tool, which will help the audience to find your brand easily in the search results.

Also, you can target specific locations beside the keywords with a long-tail keywords phrase. For the bid, it’s really affordable in which you can choose the best budget for your business per day. In addition, you will pay when people click on your ad.

The ad place can vary between top, middle, or bottom according to the budget you set and how many bids for the keyword you choose. If your ad is placed at the top, you might drive high performance and sales.

Is Bing Ads Right For My Business?

Bing ads can drive high revenue and return on investment if you’re targeting B2B companies. However, it is also considered an effective way if you’re a B2C company, you can spend your budget across multiple search engine advertising platforms like Google, Microsoft Ads, and social media instead of spending all your budget on a single campaign.

There are many advantages to using Bing Ads for your business as follows;


The competition on Bing ads is very low, so you will pay 33% lower than any pay-per-click advertising method with different targeting audiences.

Target Audience

Almost 66 million persons use Bing to search for their needs because Bing is placed in the Microsoft network of products. The audience who use Microsoft is 45 to 54 years old. Thus, Microsoft products users are use Bing to search.

Various Network

Your Bing ads will not only appear on Microsoft, but also will show up on Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and other platforms owned by Microsoft. Therefore, your ads will appear on those places when people search for your target keywords or topic.

Why Work With Mepia Agency For Bing Ads?

Here at Mepia agency, we are a proactive agency that takes the lead from conducting initial analysis for your Microsoft Bing Ads strategy and techniques. Our team of Bing ads experts will manage your Bing account and will support you step by step through the processes.

Our approach is transparent, we love what we do through our Microsoft Bing Advertising strategy that will drive success and high revenue. Hence, get to know what Bing Ad services include as follow;

Create Microsoft Account

The first phase in our Bing Ads management is to create an account. Our team of experts will create a Microsoft account for your business, where they will manage all the solutions for your Bing ad strategy.

Keyword Research

After creating the account, our experts will search for your target keywords that are related to your business and brand. We have a prospective way to get the exact keywords and phrases, which your audience uses to search for your products or services.

Create Microsoft Bing Ad

It’s the time to create and write your Microsoft ads. Here at Mepia, we will manage your Bing ads starting from the copywriting, passing by choosing the best images and designs, end up with launching. Our creative team will write a catchy Copywrite include the keywords related to your business.

Set The Budget

It’s considered the most critical phase in Microsoft Bing Ad processes. In which, the budget will affect the placement of your ad and keywords as well as estimate how many clicks you may get based on average click-through rates. Here at Mepia, we will manage your budget according to your goals and needs, which will achieve impressive results.

Launch And Support Bing Ads

Here, we finish all the steps of the Microsoft Bing Ads strategy and it’s time to launch and go live with your Ad. However, Mepia will be with your business after launching the ad to monitor the ad performance. Our experts can edit the Bing ads at any moment when they figure out that it didn’t goas the way they are expected.

Your advertising options will vary according to the target country and the following aspects;

  1. Expanded Text Ad: It depends on the titles and description, which targeting to any country.
  2. Product Ad: This ad includes images, titles, and descriptions of the products. This campaign is not existing in Spain, for instance.
  3. Dynamic Ads: It looks like the expanded text ad, automatically in response to a search or the content of your site. This campaign is only available in the United States.
  4. There are other campaigns related to Microsoft Bing Ads, which are available in a specific market.

Whatever your targeting is, Mepia agency will help you to run your Microsoft Bing Ads strategy. Don’t think twice and contact Mepia.

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